Driver’s License Remix

blue volkswagen beetle
Photo by Fredrik Rubensson on Pexels.com

Remix of Driver’s License Poem (April 19)


I was late in life
to get a driver’s license
21, I believe
When we were teenagers
we could not drive the car
as Daddy put it
“it’s my livelihood”
made sense to me
Jealous, a little bit
of others who drove the family car
I was in a world of tractor drivers
farm kids
they had to drive to work the farms
long before their legal age
Daddy was not a farmer
he was an office man
after he was a NCO
and even some then
Maybe I was just as well off
if I had worked the farm
all the crops would have died
No green thumb here
and I have my driver’s license
So it all worked out
And I learned the value of walking
which has served me well

Remix of Driver’s License

not yet setting the sun
ready to have some fun
got my right to drive
wheels to spin
how it felt great back then
I would do it again
to capture the youthfulness
cast the car
into the further afar
take a leap at the stars
in my mind
stop and say
it’s been a wonderful day
there’s not a better way
to live my life
heading out the old side door
feet aching on the floor
reached back my prime
grab the keys
ready to feel the breeze
maybe catch a sneeze
could be a lot worse
oh to say
it’s just another day
if you do what you may
it’s not a loss
yes,  am older
but I am much bolder
maybe not quite the sporter
but I make do
twenty-one one
join up with sixty-four one
let’s go and have some fun
let the wheels spin

There you have it! Day #28 of the National Poetry Month challenge.
Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Prompt:

“For today’s prompt, write a remix poem. That is, remix one of your poems from earlier in the month. There are many ways to do this. Turn a free verse poem into a traditional form (using lines from the original poem). Or use erasure to cut down a long poem into a short one. Or expand a short poem into a longer version. Get creative with it.”

2 thoughts on “Driver’s License Remix”

  1. I too received my drivers license late in life. Not until I was in the Unites States and still had to wait another 2 years. Just as well, more mature and better judgement

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