One of My Favorite Sketchers

laugh neon light signage turned on
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

One of My Favorite Sketchers

There was a man who had this gift
he’d rhyme his story with quite the rift
Nipsey Russell was his name
I watched him perform, enjoying his fame
Not many know the story behind
the sort of things that made him go prime
He got his start with quite the hustle
as a carhop he made his customers chuckle
He hit the club scene and cut some wax
you could set the needle to get some laughs
Back in those days if you wanted to be known
you wanted to get on the Ed Sullivan show
Following his stint he ended up on Jack Paar
from that moment on he went very far
Whenever I heard he would be on TV
I’d be sure to be sitting, elbows on knees
From Martin to Carson to many more jobs
he made us all laugh and forget any sobs
The game shows took him on and gave him the prime
to engage the viewers with all of his rhymes
As time goes on and he last took a breath
the thing called cancer led to his death
He’s scattered in the Atlantic Ocean it’s true
leaving laughter in the air as the current suits you

RIP Nipsey Russell may your gift of rhyme
always last, all the time

There you go! This is day #21 of National Poetry Month.
Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog I have another prompt:
“For today’s prompt, write a sketch poem. My initial thought is to write a poem that’s like a sketch of a moment or an object. But you can play around with sketchy people or situations. Or just sketch something else together.”


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