Let’s Get Out and Have Affordable Fun!

When looking to the weekend, it is often the time to look for fun things to do. Fun can happen every day of the week, but there’s something about the weekend. When I used to work weekends, I had to think of ways to get my fun in on other free days. Generally, if you are involved in community activities, it often limits you to weekend choices. I say that, only to go to Meetup.com and find out there are things to do any day of the week, so there you go.

black ceramic coffee mug surrounded by coffee beans
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Every weekend there are things to do for a little bit to no money. In the past three weekends there have been very nice, entertaining, musical events at a local coffee shop. The events run about 7-9 p.m. It is courteous to buy something as they do not charge a cover. There is a tip jar for the performers. They offer this on either Friday or Saturday night. Last weekend, the weather was so pleasant that we sat on the back patio of the coffee shop and enjoyed the music. Yes, there are people talking around us, but I find that to be nice, rather than people staring into phones. People like to engage. Myself, being more introvertive, are challenged by this, but I have converted it to joy because of the interactions.

Looking at the possibilities of this weekend, there are two events tonight, neither of which cost anything, but time. One is at the art museum where there is a music group playing. There is no charge, but you can order food and drinks it you wish. The other is a Final Friday event at a nearby town where there is art and music.  Also, for low cost movie viewing, there is a discount movie theatre and they are playing some movies I have wanted to see. And I understand there are outdoor movies held at various venues.

When going out, I find that it helps to search Groupon and Living Social, for at least two of the known discount sites. There are often deals for bowling, putt putt golf, restaurants, wine tastings and brewery tours, and more. If you’re in the mood to try something new, on a limited budget, those sites serve well. I also go through EBates to get the additional bonus money for using these sites. I also use EBates for travel discount links. I use Booking.com to get the best travel deals.

As the pool season comes to a close, after this weekend, it saddens me. The great news is that there are community pools that are open year round. I have to get in the car and go, but I feel grateful that there is still the option to swim. And I am old enough to get a senior rate. How sweet!

red flowers


This area has plenty of nature trails. I seriously doubt that I will visit each of them in my lifetime. I tend to stick close to home and take the one near the neighborhood. It’s fun to see the ducks, geese, swans and other wildlife as the babies are growing and the squirrels are gathering their stashes. I went on a scavenger hunt the other day, so I could gather some items for making watercolors. It was terribly hot, so I made it a short walk. In the process, I noticed some flora that are starting to go away, giving leave to autumn. It occurred to me that I had best get some photos before they are gone. I got just this on photo, but it still shows the brilliant red. One of the things love about most of the trails is that a person could take them with a mobile transporter. That makes it nice for more people to enjoy, despite challenges. Isn’t that wonderful!

There are a couple of lakes within reasonable driving distance. They have picnic areas near the beaches and they charge just by the carload to get in. I get the senior rate, once again, so, yay me! The last visit was in July and the water was ever so pleasant. I think a fish swam by my legs, but that was okay. I was in their domain, after all. It’s possible that this weekend may involve a trip to the lake again, maybe including a cookout.

As part of refilling the larder and supporting local businesses, we often go to the farmers market and seafood shops. Why not enjoy the freshest and make a trip out of it. It is fun to watch the people enjoying getting out and about. I love to see families enjoying one anothers company. I had a little boy helping me last time I went and I thought how old fashioned values are not so old forgotten. It would have been me helping my parents when I was his age and it made my heart happy.

If you like to learn new things, the public libraries often have programs on a broad selection of topics. Also, you might notice that there are classes all over the community, such as art classes at the senior centers, exercise classes, classes via parks and recreation, as well as classes via vendors, such as a baking class I recently saw.


Sip and paint classes are very popular. I went to one of those with a friend. It was fun. They played Rocky Horror Picture Show and we painted and visited, sipping is optional. For this one we had to bring our own inspiration, but received the supplies in the fee. You could add more supplies as needed. My friend brought up a photo on her phone for me to use. I will post the finished product. I have just mentioned a few things that I know are happening in this area.

In North Carolina, there is no lacking of things to do, pretty much throughout the state. If you like to travel, there are the beaches and the mountains, east and west of Raleigh, or you can go north to VA or south to South Carolina and more. What a wonderful place to be central and have options to travel. I am sure that other states have many opportunities. Having lived in a variety of areas, being a military brat, my experience has been wonderful.

Check your free papers in the area or the good ole internet. On Facebook alone, I find that many events are posted. You can even search on there with your interests to see what is happening. Also, friends in your area may be going to something and it will pop up on your news feed. That’s how I found out about the event in the neighboring town, for tonight. On your search engine, just type in “things to do in (your town)” Sometimes, you are even given the option to enter dates. It is pretty amazing what you can find. Have fun! Enjoy life! Cheers!

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