National Poetry Month days 19-24

I have been away from my desk and did not take my laptop on purpose. It is good to unplug, refresh, and renew. I started today with an invitational assignment to post quotes that are meaningful to me. Now that I have posted that I am ready to jump back in to poetry. Poetry has been running in my head while I was gone. It pretty much is an integral part of my life. So, whenever I go and do things or simply sit and reflect, poetry just comes on in and invites itself to muse me along. Let me see if I can do it justice. I am going to hit this post with a catch up. That means I am going to do a poetry marathon of six poems. So, coffee downed and water on the sidelines, let’s see how I do with this sprint.

My Post (24)My Post (25)

My Post (26)

My Post (27)

Some facts…


My Post (28)

The above photo was taken at the Mint Museum in Charlotte NC

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