6 Sentence Story – Simplify Life

pink and white flower with white background
Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

Simplify Life an Acrostic Six

Simplicity is a great goal if you wish to free up much toil, leaving behind less carbon to sort and making certain what you keep is important.

If you but take the time to value each thing that gives you a sparkle or lack certain zing, you might find it’s true that what’s coveted will do, or you can toss it for another to do.

My philosophy in life has not changed so much, if I can make it simpler I will do so in a touch, leaving the clutter for someone to stash, is much work for others and who needs that mess?

Pause, breathe and hold that which matters and let go of things that cause you much bother.

Letting go is simply creating a place, as each time you do this your heart finds a space.

Each time you let go, your heart finds a way to allow for the good things in life, not erased, like feelings, like love, like comfort, like joy, like all the things immaterial to enjoy.

There you have it! That’s my Six Sentence Story for this week. Care to join us? Here’s the LINK