Ten Things of Thankful-May 19 2023

Personal Photo of Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld

Happy Friyay! It’s TTOT time. So, let’s get started!

  1. Shout out for Mother’s Day and the week that was! As many of you know, I am an adoptive mother and I am fortunate to have this sunshine in my life. She’s all of 47 now and still keeps me hopping.
  2. Is your mother on the other side of the veil, like mine? My mother has been gone for several year, but she’s not missing. She’s always in my heart. I do miss her presence, but I often feel her spirit.
  3. One thing that I missed while growing up is a close relationahip with grandmothers. I remember every occassion when we saw each other, but with military and long distances, it was difficult to connect. I actually learned more about my paternal grandmother through my cousin. In the last years of grandma’s list I was able to spend time with her, but she was not always aware of who I was. It was still special to spend time with her. It was such a blessing to get to go to her sister’s and cousins and get to know some things with them. Here’s a photo of Grandma Tomey with her sisters. She is second from the left. Sorry it is ao tiny, but technology…
  4. Grandma Hall, mom’s mom, I have a couple of times I met her and she was quiet, but I can sure see some resemblance between her and mom, who I also favor.
  5. Other friend’s mothers. My BFF since junior high, Barbara’s mother was like a second mom to me. I am so grateful for her caring ways and how she took me in as if I were her own.
  6. When you lose your mother, sometimes you seek someone who has her qualities. It’s not always conscious, but I found myself drawn to people who were mom like. Of course, nobody could replace her, but it has been comforting through my life to borrow other people’s mothers.
  7. Have you ever found a mom in a movie or TV show who reminds you of your own? Or have you found mothers different than your own, who you also have been drawn to admire? I can often find the essence of my mother in others. What a blessing.
  8. Happy Mother’s Day Week!
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7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-May 19 2023”

  1. Funny you should mention mothers in TV series and movies. I grew up in a very abusive home (mental illness and alcoholism) and found great solace in watching TV series in the 60s and 70s with loving parents and happy kids. “The Brady Bunch” and “Family” were my favs. I’ve often wondered if the writers of those series realize what lifesavers those shows were for lost kids like us. We moved every year, so I was always changing schools and friends UNTIL we moved to a small town when I was 12. We still moved every year, but I could stay in the same school and keep the same friends. I’m eternally grateful to the mother of one of my best friends and the mother of my high school boyfriend. Those two women were incredible women of faith. I watched them like a hawk and learned so much from them just by observing how they lived their lives. I credit them for the woman I am today. Truly! Best of all, I got the chance to return to that small town years ago when they were in their 80s to thank them both for their example. They had no idea. Lol!! Just goes to show you never know who might be watching you and how much your daily lifestyle might mean to a hungry child. We often think the small things in life are meaningless. I’m living proof that little things can be lifesavers!! 💗

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  2. I have a very Chinese relationship with my mother, and I have an Australian mother (my ex mother in law). They are similar but also very different. But they love me the same. And I love them dearly. Mother is a wonderful kind to celebrate. 💚

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