Ten Things of Thankful-March 17 2023

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! As one who has a good amount of Irish in me, I may as well recognize. Let’s start with TTOT!

  1. I don’t have to wear green because I have green eyes! They were blue until a teenager. Weird, huh…
  2. My sister started the traditional green dinner with green koolaid, parsley potatoes, etc. We will have cabbage is as far I can go this day. Glad I have some on hand.
  3. I worked on and finished SEO on my website. WHEW! That’s not my thing, but it had to be done. Relieved!
  4. Some projects have reached an end and others good turning points.
  5. Telephone calls times two this week with people I love to talk with. Yes, there is life beyong texting and emailing.
  6. Tulips. I bought tulips last week and they made it to today. They cheer us up around here.
  7. Books. I have a pile and grateful I can read them. All in due time. I have a couple of pressing ones, first.
  8. Tax season has one month and two days left.
  9. I actually participated in Six Sentence Story today.
  10. YOU! What is your thankful? Come join in the fun!
Double rainbow at Baptiste lookout by U.S. Forest Service (source) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

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5 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-March 17 2023”

  1. #3 is my technological albatross. The longer I go un-updated, the more the anxiety associated with simply bringing the blog into the 21st C
    #9 great to see you over at Sixville!

    Have a good week


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