Ten Things of Thankful-December 23, 2022

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It’s TTOT time, so let’s jump to it!

  1. 2022 has been a full year of joyful events, I am thankful for that fact!
  2. 2023 is filling up with hopes and dreams and joyful schemes.
  3. 12/23/22 is a holiday for some and we are one of that sum.
  4. 1/01/2022-now is not a holiday for all who take care of us 24/7/365 and I am super grateful they are there to take care of us and hope they know how much.
  5. 08/07/2022 has been a turning point for me, personally is a super positive way.
  6. 12/23/2022 I can look back with gratitude for safety and a heated home.
  7. 12/23/2022 we can pray and try to help those who are not as fortunate and for those facing blizzards both in reality and emotionally.
  8. 12/16/2023 has been a week of postive transitions.
  9. 12/23/2023 has been a very reflective day.
  10. 1/01/2023-now I have all of you this year to thank for listening to my rambles on. May your holidays-no matter your beliefs-be a period of comfort and joy, venturing on throughout your lives.

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