Ten Things of Thankful-December 10 2022

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Happy Saturday! Today is divisible by 2. How’s that for being obvious. 🙂

Let’s count the happy grats!

  1. Healing of a friend. No more doctor visits!
  2. The scent of cookies compliments of our daughter. She is entering a cookie contest for her church event tonight. She tried a new to her recipe and it honors the Dutch tradition.


3. I found great deals on groceries.

4. Another book has been born and we will soon celebrate!

5. People who are kind in the stores. I am seeing more of this than ever. Maybe people are grateful for getting out of their homes.

6. Meeting up with an old friend in person.

7. A to do list of inspirations from other creatives.

8. Vacation is going to be a yaycation! I cannot wait!

9. A squirrel who startled me as he jumped by the window near my desk. He was so cute!

10. YOU!

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