Ten Things of Thankful-November 18 2022

Happy Friyay and TTOT! Let’s get started!

  1. I am grateful for my big sister, the one on the right in the photo here. Today would be her #72 birthday. Happy Heavely Birthday to my wonderful sister.
  2. This month, I have been writing a lot about family as I am working on a memoir of essays and poetry for NaNoWriMo. Each weekday I host a writing event for women who love ot write and may or may not be participating in NaNo. It has been a great way of starting the discipline of writing on a regular basis. This has been something for November, but I am so grateful for the habit and results, that this may be a regular thing.
  3. My sister from another mister sent us a beautiful, red teapot for a wedding present. I use it regularly as I am drinking less coffee (not giving it up-shudder that thought!). While I was waiting for my husband to have a meeting, I found my old tea shop and selected a couple of brews. I also discovered that a book store has been placed next to the tea shop. It’s been a bit since I have visited that shopping center.
  4. The Book Launch for Caring for Souls was excellent.
  5. A short line at the post office…RARE…Cheers!
  6. My pretty red leafed tree is almost bare. It is the one I have been watching out my office space window. There are still some various colors out there and the evergreens will entertain my winter view. Who knows…maybe there will be snow on the evergreens. Pretty!
  7. Another book is about ready for the printer and I am overjoyed! That launch is hopefully early December.
  8. The blogging group is back to meetings on a monthly basis. I love getting together with others for this purpose. We even had treats thanks to Deanna Martinez and her culinary skills.
  9. Sweater weather…love it.
  10. YOU! What’s happening in your neck of the woods?
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7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-November 18 2022”

  1. Congratulations on the book launch and the upcoming release! Things here are quiet, thankfully. I know I had a breather during September, but the colder weather always bogs me down a bit, so I think I will take things slow. 🙂

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