Ten Things of Thankful-September 10 2022

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It is TTOT time! Let’s jump in!

Ten Things I am Thankful for:

  1. Poetry – we had a workshop yesterday to craft the beginnings of poems for “A Safe and Brave Space-Anthology of Poetry and Art Volume 2” We are starting to get submissions and I look forward to putting them all together in this next publication. Monday we have an Art Workshop. YAY!
  2. Reading- I am grateful that I always have chances to read.
  3. YouTube so my sweetheart can watch the bike races in Spain, France, etc.
  4. Daughter is going to a women’s event at her church and I am grateful she has this fun activity and was also invited to lunch.
  5. Tax Season Part 2 is coming to a first step close and just one more after that.
  6. We are starting to get cooler weather.
  7. That a couple of friends are gradually getting better with health issues.
  8. Having a washer and dryer.
  9. There is a book launch this afternoon.
  10. YOU

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    1 thought on “Ten Things of Thankful-September 10 2022”

    1. Having a washer and dryer is truly something for which to be thankful, especially if you ever have to go without one. Lugging stuff to a laundromat is not fun.


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