Ten Things of Thankful-August 5 2022

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Happy Friday and first post for August! Let’s see how this week went:

  1. I worked on a phase of a project and completed it with approval. 2. Everybody in this household is back on the path to health. 3. I spent a co-celebration with my other daughter who calls my “Mumpley.” We discovered a little coffee shop in Apex and it was yummy. We had not seen each other since before my wedding and had a lot of catching up to do. 4. Grocery bargains YAY! 5. Grocery helpers YAY! 6. Nice people YAY! 7. I asked for help from someone I admire and they were so gracious to provide it. 8. People who I can count on, the ones who stay the path, are wonderful and I so much appreciate them. 9. Time when you need to have simply time. 10. You! What are you grateful for this week? Please share here or write up a post. You don’t have to come up with TEN!
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