Ten Things of Thankful – June 18 2022

Max Tomey

It’s TTOT time and Father’s Day Weekend – Let’ do this!

  1. That handsome man in the picture is my Daddy, which was his preferred title. Today would be his 102nd birthday and, of course, tomorrow is Father’s Day. It is appropriate those two days are so close together as he was an awesome father. I am grateful. To say it was all rosy…no…but to say we grew to have a strong relationship…you betcha (his expression, too).
  2. A family member was able to go home vs staying in the hospital and is on the mend. WHEW!
  3. Grateful to be a part of the wonderful anthology of poetry “Not Just Anybody Can Be Dad: A Tribute to Fathers” published by Busta Word Publishing LLC and it is free on Kindle today:
  4. I am so grateful to the positive response to Social Justice Inks and look forward to the book launch on Monday.
  5. The Book Launch is upcoming, but I want to share here. I hope you can come since it is virtual: Book Launch I am very grateful for the participation.
  6. This past week has been so hot for June and I am extremely grateful for A/C
  7. I heard many people lost power from last night’s storms. We did not. I am grateful we did not and I am grateful that they are working on getting others turned back on, because…it’s hot.
  8. I am grateful for healing internally of the heart and externally (well internally too) of the body.
  9. I am grateful for friends who open up their heart and home to my family.
  10. YOU – What are you grateful for? You can add a post through the below link or you can put your thankfuls in the comments.
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3 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – June 18 2022”

  1. I am thankful for my father in heaven (Mr. Frank Earl Varnado) who would’ve been 93 years old. I am beyond thankful for his love and lessons, and the great years we had with him and our mother (Mrs. Benice Lea Varnado).

    I am thankful for all the wonderful dads in my life: my spouse, brothers, brothers-in-law, son, sons-in-law, nephews and friends.

    I am thankful to have met my idol and inspiration, the phenomenal Nikki Giovanni, this weekend.

    I am thankful for my supportive family and friends. I am a very proud mother and grandmother.

    I am thankful for good health and every privilege afforded to me.

    I am thankful for Prolific Pulse Press and Lisa Tomey’s exceptional creativity and professionalism. I am the proud author of After the Rainbow:Golden Poems and co-editor of Social Justice Inks, both published by Prolific Pulse Press LLC.

    I am thankful to be a 3-time bestselling author. I have embraced my passion of poetry and writing. My life is full!

    I am thankful for the Women Speakers Association, Garden of Neuro Institute, PLCS, and other networking organizations.

    I am thankful to be an editor for the Fine Lines Literary Journal, now in its 31st year.

    I am thankful for every breath!

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