Ten Things of Thankful – April 8 2022

Pastel Interpretation by Lisa Tomey

Happy Friday and Happy TTOT! Would you believe I actually made this post on FRIDAY!! So, let’s go to it.

  1. Washing machine working – mine has been doing this thing where the light comes on but doesn’t go until I keep moving the laundry around until it is happy and then it works. It’s not like I have this huge overload in there. Oh well, I am also thankful it is part of my rental so if it goes I can call the rental office.
  2. Grateful that I can call for help when things go wrong in the apartment. The maintenance person came by yesterday and fixed some things. What a joy and he is so nice. No grumpy people is a bonus.
  3. This afternoon I am going to be reading a couple of poems for a group of students in Bangladesh. They are youth who are learning the value of poetry. I’ve been combing through my files to find just the right ones. Have you ever gone back to something you wrote even as recent as a couple years ago and asked yourself: “Did I write this?” It’s amazing how the words look after they sit in files. I am grateful to be able to meet the youth and to also hear their works.
  4. Grateful that the Poetry 101 class I am teaching is going well. It’s good to my heart to see people writing poetry who have never done so.
  5. Grateful that a dear friend is on the mend and going home to continual, supportive care today.
  6. Grateful that that same dear friend’s husband is also going home by Easter.
  7. Grateful for the rare cardinal who visited my porch yesterday to pluck from the herbs that have dried. They seem to be very popular with the birds. They will have sweet smelling nests.
  8. Grateful that since it is sprinkling this morning, the birds are singing louder as they welcome their food to crawl up a little higher from the ground. Such an example to be grateful for what is provided. I suppose the crawlers are not so happy about it, but that’s the cycle of nature I suppose. Nom nom…
  9. Grateful that every day, so far, in April I have written a poem each day for National Poetry Month. Some days they are short and others they are longer. I share some here and there. Others, I keep for more work and possible publication.
  10. YOU!! Look at you sitting there reading this to the end. You are my people! Here’s a special Easter display for you. And even if you don’t believe in Easter, it doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the colors of spring hope. And we could all use hope, right?
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9 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 8 2022”

  1. I love your pastel interpretation, Lisa!
    Washers can be finicky sometimes. Glad that the rental will take care of it, if it does one day stop working.
    A nest deodorizer for the birds. ❤️ This kind of makes me wonder about the sense of smell birds have, or do they?
    You are amazing in that you are able to write so many poems and are teaching others how to do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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