Ten Things of Thankful – March 26 2022

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Good Morning and Happy TTOT! Sorry I missed last week. I have been doing these on Saturdays and I was not on my computer last Saturday so I missed everything. And while I can do some things on my tablet and phone, I did not get that accomplished. What’s weird is that I have not missed a week since I started doing this. Maybe I needed a reboot. So, I will make this a gratitude #1 that I am grateful for reboots. #2 I am grateful for freedoms, #3 I am grateful for the spring like change, #4 I am grateful to have a roof over my head, something that it’s important to be mindful about, #5 choices, #6 answers to help daughter’s health which are showing pozzies, #7 taxes are signed sealed, delivered, #8 thankful for help with #7, #9 opportunities to challenge my skills,

#10 YOU!!

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – March 26 2022”

  1. Agree*

    *not so much a reboot in the sense of stopping (a process) as an appreciation of the process while mixing things up… that, imo, can enhance the process, ya know?

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  2. We all need a reboot now and then! I never missed a TToT for YEARS until my mom died, and I lost my heart for writing for a bit, since she was my biggest fan. Still have occasional lapses, because life!

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