Ten Things of Thankful – February 26 2022

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It’s the last time to do TTOT for February. It may be the shortest month, but it has been full for many of us. Let’s talk about it.

  1. Thankful for this day. This is the one we all get. In light of it all, let’s be grateful we have this one.
  2. Thankful for people who go the extra mile. If you watch the world in all the rush, there are plenty of chances to see the helpers and to be the helpers.
  3. Thankful for opportunities to grow and change. Someone once told me not to count on other people to change, don’t expect it, anyway. Truth is that is true. Count on my own self to change and that is something I try to engage with each day. It’s working and I am growing.
  4. Thankful for bread crumbs, to find the way and to nourish each day.
  5. Thankful for tender mercies.
  6. Thankful for the ability to taste. For about three years I have lost most of my ability to taste and some days it has completely gone. This was pre-covid, so it’s not that. It’s something that happens with some people as they age. Sense of smell and taste can be affected. I have noticed that I am getting some tasty moments and I cherish them.
  7. Thankful for the freedom we have.
  8. Thankful for the ability to experience compassion.
  9. Thankful for the sunshine that comes from the hearts of others.
  10. YOU – What’s your thankful?
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4 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – February 26 2022”

  1. I remember that one of my grandmothers used to say “Nothing tastes good anymore.” That would take some of the joy out of eating, but knowing that the food nourishes the body hopefully will keep the will to keep eating.
    #3 So true.

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    1. It does and it’s not the weight loss answer, either because you keep trying to find something more tasty. And I may use a bit more seasonings to the point where vampires have no chance.


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