Ten Things of Thankful – 01/07/2022

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It’s TTOT time for 2022! WooHoo! Let’s slide in with snowshoes on! Well…not here and awaaaaay we gooooo!

  1. Stuff keeps showing up on apps trying to help me with this and that. It’s pretty cool when some of my go tos decide to merge, even if it does take some getting used to.
  2. People keep helping one another. It has to be noticed! Thank you to the helpers.
  3. Heat! Because I don’t fancy icicles on my nose.
  4. That someone has taken it upon his/herself to let me know, sometimes twice a day, that my account has been attacked by someone charging their MacBook Pro… What would I ever do without them? Sometimes I actually talk to them when I am waiting on an appointment and killing time. You are so welcome!
  5. The world keeps on turning, turning, turning.
  6. Pasta.
  7. Daughter is sewing and enjoying it.
  8. Opportunities to create.
  9. I did this thing of leading a workshop about slam poetry. That was fun.
  10. You! What’s up doc?
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10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – 01/07/2022”

  1. Did you say pasta?!? You know that’s always on my gratitude list😃 🍝
    Tell me more about #4. How do you know someone is hacking your account (WordPress?) by charging their MacBook? I’m trying to make the connection so I can protect my privacy, if needed. Thanks!

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    1. It’s a phone scam. They try to make you believe someone has hacked you amazon account and bought apple products, usually just over $1000. I give them a fake name and then they come back saying I must have a relative hacking and change the first name to make it sound like someone by some odd name is doing the hack, then they ask for your bank information to divert the charge, they start with asking your bank phone number and that’s where I give them a series of numbers and hang up. They even called me back the other day and I told them I wasn’t that person and they said I sure sounded like them and I said that was what they get for messing with people and hung up.


  2. I chuckled at the one about the people letting you know your account has been attacked. That wasn’t a serious thankful, was it? What’s slam poetry? I’ve never heard of it and it sounds cool. Thanks for sharing your #TToT.

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  3. I am not one who likes icicles on the nose either, but at least the mask provides a little bit of warmth, if one can still see while wearing both a mask and glasses on those cooler days.
    People continuing to help one another makes life more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver.
    Sounds like you are off to a good year, Lisa.

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  4. I will say, you are far more charitable (and of good nature) than am I regarding the spam contacts. telemarketing calls are one thing, someone in a call-room across the globe trying to earn a living, but scammers trying to frighten someone into giving their money up, are not good people. (It’d be one thing to get robbed walking down a street and entirely another if they waited and jumped out and yelled ‘Boo!’ first. lol not really funny.)
    enough of the ranting… Item: 3 Always Item: 6 wish I could but the price in calories? aiyyee!
    fun TToT


  5. I haaaate being cold! I woke up this morning pretty sure I DID have icicles on my nose, since my husband had turned the thermostat down ridiculously low (a constant battle at our house). Slam poetry is interesting. I’ll be the workshop was a lot of fun!

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