Ten Things of Thankful-December 3 2021

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As winter is nipping at fall’s behind, it’s time to think of December and all it brings. Happy whatever you celebrate and let’s get to thankfuls which are for all seasons.

  1. Another good treatment for daughter and she is doing so much better.
  2. Another discovery for my own health for the good.
  3. Nice fall days with less eventful surprises.
  4. Being able to take a road trip for a family visit.
  5. So many pieces of happy news from friends.
  6. Our fire personnel who have been called to end the fire at Pilot Mountain.
  7. The fact that as of today the abovementioned fire is 100% contained.
  8. There was a discovery of what caused the fire and that this can turn into an educational moment. May this never happen again.
  9. That there are other options for outside activity and that it is time to see the outside lights.
  10. YOU
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8 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-December 3 2021”

  1. I love reading your lists each week, Lisa. Sometimes I miss a wee, or post a bit late, but it does keep my thoughts on being Thankful every day. I am glad you see improvement with your daughter, especially. the road trip is a blessing! and best of all,
    “So many pieces of happy news from friends.”
    There is nothing like having those moments of joy when a friend reports something special in their life. Hare another great week. ❤

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  2. How good are Grats #1 and #2?

    Ironically, for some of us, having the assumption (of good health) can make an exercise like this TToT more difficult. So thanks for the reminder that this most fundamental of states-of-being is not a given.

    And, to add, that appreciation can enhance the enjoyment of the everyday-ordinary.
    Have a good week.


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