Ten Things of Thankful – October 15 2021

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It is TTOT time and time for the Top Ten Thankfuls, so let’s do this!

  1. Pumpkin Everything Continues
  2. Figuring out answers to the questions which keep us up at night.
  3. Quilt Show! Daughter is going to a quilt show all because her dear friend is taking her and providing a wheelchair so she can enjoy it without discomfort.
  4. Daughter is becoming more active and making cards. She had the ladies at the clubhouse this week. They do this once a month so she can participate in the card making group.
  5. Projects getting done one by one and helpful tools to make things even better.
  6. Tax Season is over!
  7. Pizza. I have a new found appreciation since it is impossible to order from a favorite pizza place where they make vegan pizzas which are amazing. I will have to make my own, but I believe I am spoiled.
  8. Grateful to find so many healthy choices in this effort and that it is helping with health concerns.
  9. Podcasts for when I need help going to sleep. They tend to lull me to sleep more than music. It is the voice tone which lulls me. There is even a podcast specifically for sleep. It is also fun.
  10. YOU! Let’s spook up some fun!
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6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – October 15 2021”

  1. Such a nice thing that your daughter is so creative and I know she must have loved going to the quilt show! Yes, all things pumpkin – you made me hungry with that comment. Also I love Sweet Potato Pie – and had one last week. With whipped cream! This week we had blueberry pie with ice cream. YUMMY. I love just about any kind of pie.
    Enjoy the week ahead.

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  2. I’m so happy your daughter is going to a quilt show. I remember my grandma had her own quilts shown at them regularly. She used to make a quilt for each of her granddaughters. Mine was even displayed at a quilting show in France. Anyway, all your other thankfuls are great too.

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  3. #2 Hopefully now that you may have some of the answers, you will be able to sleep.
    How nice that someone provided a wheelchair so that your daughter could enjoy the quilt show without discomfort.
    Does your grocery story sell pizza dough? That might make it a little easier.
    It is interesting how everyone is different in what music or podcast, etc. helps them get to sleep fastest. I am glad you are finding out what works the best for you.

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  4. Quilt show! I can’t imagine the kind of extended focus and concentration that must be necessary to create one of those… always good to get out and about, especially, (at least for us here in New England) as the time of year approaches when the outdoors are less and less inviting.
    Have an excellent week ahead.

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