Ten Things of Thankful – September 10 2021

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TTOT time! And here we go!

  1. My baby brother, Jeffrey, who would be 62 today. I am grateful for having him in our lives as long as we did.
Jeffrey about age 6

2. Freedom.

3. Hope.

4. Rain came yesterday.

5. New digs are coming along.

6. Industry.

7. To be able to be busy.

8. Art.

9. Coffee.

10. YOU

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9 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – September 10 2021”

  1. I always look forward to your list, Lisa. I love that your new digs are coming along – and of course the ART grabs my attention every time. I am so thankful tonight that I was so busy today – like your # 7 – so much so that I did not get my list written today. Life is good, all the time! Lynda

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  2. Seeing the posts on Jeffrey’s bed reminds me of a twin bed we had for many years. We (or the kids?) discovered the top of the post could be unscrewed and there was a hollow space below, kind of a secret hiding place for stuff, meaning small toys. 🤣
    I had to look up “digs” to see what that was. I was only familiar with the usage meaning clothes. Now #5 makes more sense, since I know you are getting settled into you new place.
    To be able to be busy is a great thankful, especially the “able” part.

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