Ten Things of Thankful – September 3 2021

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It’s Friday and school is back in session and it’s TTOT time! What a way to bring in September.

Let’s get started!

  1. We got moved!
  2. We had water, plenty of water for the move and yay because it was HOT!
  3. Found muscles. Whew, because I was wondering…
  4. Office view. I can see the trees. Weeee
  5. Project Book Launches galore!
  6. Podcasts are back in session, welp, in the planning phase…
  7. I have space to do art for which I am Extremely Grateful! It makes me cranky if I don’t get my art fix.
  8. It looks like it’s all about me, but nope…it is also about others as I am most thankful for the power of prayer and a prayerful attitude, ’cause ya know that if we put thoughts into things, they can becomes possibilities and when we put energy behind possibilities, they become things accomplished, and that’s the cycle I like to call later, rinse, repeat. But – hey – don’t forget to dry, because we all need a little rest.
  9. And that #8 has been poured out in multitudes for those affected by the actual storms.
  10. YOU and YOU and especially YOU – What’s your thankful today?
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10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – September 3 2021”

  1. Congrats and ‘excellent’!
    The best part of moving (to paraphrase a great observation about writing) is having moved.

    Views of the outside world and nature and such are nothin to sneeze at either!
    Have a good week.

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  2. Glad that you found muscles and hopefully some of those muscles were those of others coming to assist. If you found some of your own muscles, I hope they didn’t rebel at being woken up with such a big task, and leave you questioning having used them.
    Can’t complain about having an office with a view. 🙂
    #8 is a five-star thankful in my book

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    1. We had a lot of help, but a little poor communication on my part. They left some things behind. Seems that the combination of the heat (we picked the hottest day to move) and exhaustion things slipped, making more carrying. I did more than I should have, and my body is screaming at me. Just when I think it’s getting better I wake up with aching everythings.
      I did put my finishing touches on my office and art space and am so pleased to have a quasi art studio.


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