Ten Things of Thankful – May 28 2021

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TGIF and time to reflect on those who aren’t here to say TGIF… As we embark on Memorial Day Weekend it’s time to think about being thankful for those who gave their all. There is always a debate about remembering those who give all now but are living and those who lost their lives because of giving all for their country. I am going to focus on being mindful of this as I do this post, so let’s just see how it goes.

  1. Technology which helps save lives.
  2. Toes in the sand and mindfulness that boots have also walk these sands.
  3. Time does not stop and when it does there is a soul.
  4. Taxes to pay so that others can be of service.
  5. The taste of things that might not be possible with different circumstances.
  6. Tanks that are full.
  7. Talking freely because of the fight for the right.
  8. Thanksgiving is no longer about injustice.
  9. Last, but not least – those who gave all.
  10. YOU – let’s hear your thankfuls. Edgar wants to hear them, too.
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9 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 28 2021”

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