Ten Things of Thankful – May 14 2021

Watercolor by Lisa Tomey

Good Morning and Happy TTOT! Let’s Hop to It!

  1. You know it’s bound to happen that when a book you have worked so hard on is released, so I am just going to say it! The collaboration between LaVan Robinson and I has been published! And we are even having a virtual book launch party on Sunday at 6 ET. Link Here with Info
  2. The painting you see on my images is the original book cover painting buy technicalities and all make it now a painting I will use like this. I am sure it will have a place in our home. And I had fun working on it with a different medium.
  3. But it’s not all about the bizness… Daughter is getting help for a pinched nerve. I am grateful they figured it out and can treat it.
  4. Tax season Part 1 is coming to an end after next Monday. There’s always work to be done otherwise known as extensions and tax planning.
  5. I really do think that March, April, and May traded clothes and we are in a mix of MarPril… The upside is that it is cool out which is energetic for me.
  6. So many people will be getting to see each other again, after a longer than year time of separation and we were able to enjoy that last weekend. Mama looked at us and said “Give me a hug.” I was happy to do so. We didn’t go out, just stayed in her nice apartment, which we had not seen, and visited over some takeout we brought.
  7. Safe travels and actually venturing out past our nose on Saturday last. And right before the gas shortage hit home. Whew!
  8. Thankful to have enough gas to get to and from important things. And the ability to conserve.
  9. Groceries and unbusy stores and pleasant interactions with the staff at the store make for a pleasant adventure. I am grateful for the steadfastness of workers on the front lines, including grocery store staff.
  10. YOU! Say what? Yes, that’s what or who! I am grateful you and leaving this space to ask for your thankfuls. Tika wants to know too!
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16 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 14 2021”

  1. You are so talented! Congrats on your book release- that’s huge! We are hoping to get gas soon, as our tank is running dry. I’m so glad you were able to see your mom and give her a great hug. I’m with you on Marpril. Clever way to describe this odd seasonal mix-up. And it is a delight to walk in low temp, low humidity weather.

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  2. Congratulations on Number 1! Must feel very, very good.
    very cool

    #6 there is a certain percentage of the population who are, like, you mean, I can’t keep the mask?!
    have an excellent week

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  3. Congrats on the book! I believe Marpril is a terrific description of this time of year! We go from warm to cool, windy, not windy, rain, rain, rain, and on and on. I’m ready for Mother Nature to pick a season and stay there for a couple of months!

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  4. Congratulations on your book. Experimenting with different art mediums produced a beautiful cover for the book. So glad your daughter is getting help for the pinched nerve. Your Mama must have been so glad to see you and your her. I am one of the very cautious ones too re wearing masks.around those who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19. Have a wonderful week.

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