Tomorrow’s Today

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Tomorrow’s Today

I thought it was tomorrow
I thought it was a work day
When I woke up and made my cup
I realized it’s not Monday
I took my hot cuppa
sat down on my sofa
I celebrate
this is my day
I treat this day with honor
I will likely have a naptime
I will honor my peace
I plan to do peace everyday

This is in response to the Poem A Day challenge where you can find the link HERE

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Today”

  1. I appreciate the bead and rhythm you got with this repetition of “today” through your poem. This reminds me of a project I had my students do every summer when we were in Austria. The assignment was to write a poem with the title, “This is I, Today.” I like your poem because it brings the reader in to the past, present and future – the actions as well as the intentions and the looking back on what was and at the same time looking ahead to what will be or is intended to be. Lynda


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