Ten Things of Thankful – April 23 2021

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It’s TTOT time, so let’s do this!

  1. Pollen has lifted, I REPEAT, Pollen has lifted!
  2. Sunny Days have been happening all week
  3. Poems are still coming to me every day
  4. Help from others with support for achieving goals
  5. The walk along the path of life, a place to settle and ponder
  6. Sleep. I have had some sleep nights.
  7. Strength when I feel weak. And I can feel myself lifting up.
  8. Good things to read.
  9. A beautiful gift of a lavender bouquet in a lovely vase. Just because.
  10. YOU What’s your TTOT or OTOT? You otter share and make us smile 🙂 Ollie and his boys are waiting…
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7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 23 2021”

  1. I enjoy reading the TTOT items you post.
    You inspire me every day with your posts. So glad I met you. I also enjoy the photos you choose to put with your writings.
    Visual art and poetry – a marriage made in Heaven.

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  2. Up here (southern New England) we’re still waiting for the ‘Days of the Yellow Winds’ (my name for the conditions when the pines around us are having an exceptionally productive year).

    Have a great week,

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  3. Great list, Lisa! I’m jealous though. Pollen in NOVA is still pretty much in full swing. Cars still covered…
    Congrats on the sleep! I’m so-o-o in need of more, lol. Makes a huge difference when you get a sufficient amount. Yay! for good things to read!

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