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Ten Things of Thankful – February 19 2021

Photo by nagaraju gajula on Pexels.com

It is TTOT time again and let’s get at it!

  1. HOPE – See those pretty flowers? Those are in Texas. I hope they will be soon seeing sunny days and the ice melt away and have safe water and heat as needed. I am glad we always have hope.
  2. YOU! I am jumping straight to it to ask you for your thankfuls for this week, because I can and I wanna hear your great news, we all do in this TTOT hop. And I bet your Aunt Sally does too.
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

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3. Music. I have been doing an exercise each morning. I am on Day 3 of 40 Days, 40 Writes. And I play music when I write, when I am not listening to sounds of silence. Here is one of my favorite channels which updates for the day of the week.

4. My article was published for Okra Magazine. I interviewed Madison Woods. She is amazing! We met because I was researching about making watercolors from nature and found her in my internet search. I wrote her and starting following her blog. And I decided I wanted to get her wonderful work out there, so I got her permission and the rest is history.

5. Exercise. I was able to walk more this week. It’s a slow process, but I may have overdone it on Wednesday because I could manage just 10 minutes yesterday. But, I am happy to report that effort is paying off. And I signed up for weekly Yoga, and had my first chair yoga session last week. It is through You Call This Yoga I have attended their live classes and they are very nice. They help people who are having challenges and a most compassionate group.

6. Daughter says Thank You for all your lovely messages for her birthday. I am thankful she read my blog and saw them.

7. I was able to, thanks to the stimulus, buy a new computer. This morning, I had to update the audio drivers so I could hear on my headphones. I am in heaven! It is a double win as my daughter was the heir of my other computer, which I cleaned up so she could have one without the issues I was having. She is often the heir, which works out with budgets. And she is over the moon because it’s one with a built in CD player.

8. The art work for the book cover came in the mail yesterday. I am over the moon thrilled with the beautiful work of Kay Doiron. There will be a reveal coming soon. Heart Beats is in production.

9. People who are committed to share the value of poetry. I reached out and the responses are wonderful!

10. Reading. I am grateful for so many wonderful things to read and that I am able to read them.

And that’s that. Scroll on up there and join us… You will be glad you did. Or leave your thankfuls in the comments.

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

19 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – February 19 2021”

  1. Take care of your knee and don’t overdo it! Getting old is tough, isn’t it? I never realized how many things could hurt for seemingly no reason!


  2. Your post reminded my of a poem I wrote (Sorry if the formatting comes out weird…)

    The Little Things

    Stop. Feel that?
    The warmth of the sun
    The breeze on your face
    Rain, it has its own unique smell
    Feels like tiny punches when it lands
    Wherever you are
    There is beauty and wonder about
    Even if seemingly insignificant
    A smell, a color, a sight, a feel
    There is always something to appreciate
    Like cool grass under bare feet

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  3. Hi Lisa, I always love your list of gratitude–it reminds me that I need to post one too!! (I am the blogger who changes names and blogs almost as frequently as my undies–and I wrote the “Bedelia” 6SS serial, now on indefinite hold 😉 ) Anyhoo, I’m thrilled that you got a new computer–truly those are happy days, and that your daughter could inherit your other one is a double blessing! Reading and music and “the value of sharing poetry”–Yes, Yes, Yes! Are those Texas “blue bells” in the photo? Now that I’m following you, I won’t miss all your ‘good stuff’ 🙂 God bless your week abundantly ❤

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