Ten Things of Thankful – January 29 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT!! Let’s slide right into a beautiful day!

  1. Grateful to see a little snow, just a little and enough to go aww
  2. I got my knee injection yesterday. It takes about 4 weeks to work. And I am grateful to have it and that it doesn’t take longer to start working. It used to be a whole lot different where you had to have a series of these shots and they were very painful. This ones was not bad. Yes, I did some breathwork to get through it, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. My friend virtually held my hand. Thank you Wendy.
  3. Grateful to have a car.
  4. Grateful for stories to help me sometimes escape and sometimes sort things out.
  5. Grateful for kindness. When someone is kind it makes all the difference. I noticed that my orthopedic doctor’s office staff all smile with their eyes and do all they can to help. I even had one call me to assure me she could take care of my scheduling needs.
  6. Grateful for the ability to buy healthy food.
  7. Grateful for the support of those who subscribed to my YouTube channel so that more poets can be seen and heard.
  8. Grateful that my plans for Saturday will be fulfilled.
  9. Grateful that I have a heated blanket.
  10. YOU! I am thankful for you. How about you share with Jerry the Giraffe about your thankfuls…
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15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – January 29 2021”

  1. Glad you got your shot and it wasn’t as painful as they used to be.
    I am grateful for kindnesses expressed in words as well as actions. Both lift one’s spirits so much and makes the receiver want to do likewise.

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  2. …a little snow” totally agree, the operative word being ‘little’
    for special effects, snow can be enjoyable…for a little while, anyway

    that there can be relief for persistent pain is very much a universal grat (especially persistent pain which tends to leech the enjoyment from the other parts of life)

    Cars can be good things, like living rooms that allow us to change the what we see out our picture windows*

    *assuming your living room has a picture window, though the picture window is not mandatory, just that you don’t have to get up and see who’s at the door or anything…
    what? yes, you’re correct, some excess wordage from writing today’s TToT

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  3. Happy to hear you go the shot! I hope you get relief sooner than 4 weeks! I’m like you – snow is pretty, now go away. I’m thankful we can tell people are smiling by their eyes above their masks (and grateful the masks also, conversely, can hide my expressions when needed!)

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