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Aruna Gurumurthy Poetry Reading

I am pleased to announce that Aruna Gurumurthy will be reading from her recently released book of poetry, published by Kelsay Books: Down the Grassy Aisles

This event co-sponsored by the North Carolina Writers Network will be a Zoom event on Saturday, October 24 as part of a two hour event from 10-noon ET Aruna will be reading from 10:15-!0:30. You can access the event via this link: Poetry Event

About the book

Down the Grassy Aisles is a collection of prose poems weaving through the richness of life and positivity. From dripping pink raincoats, to birthing courage, to dipping into the unknown, these poems are a fanciful splash of the tales of travel, joys of infancy, and subtlety of human emotion as the reader jumps over unseen realms of imagination.

Down the Grassy Aisles includes the title poem “Down the Grassy Aisles” which is a narrative of the morning walks I went on with my father in the grassy aisles of South Bombay (Now Mumbai). I draw the reader’s attention to the twists and turns, ups and downs of the poem as we meander through the green pastures, drinking chai, our “hmm’s” setting the tone of our brief convos as I breathe in his wisdom.

About the Author, Aruna Gurumurthy

Aruna Gurumurthy is an American author, creative thinker, and poet. Since her childhood in Mumbai, India, she has embarked on a journey of creative exploration and, within her short prose poems, sestinas, and free verse, she tries to capture the beauty and art in the world. An observer of human nature, Aruna started writing in a moment of epiphany just under four years ago, publishing seven books of poetry, essays and observations, Diya: A Megawatt Approach to Change (2015), Spark (2016), A Beginning to the End (2017), Buddha In the Brain (2018), Puppet Dolls (2018), Simplicity Beckons (2019) and Down the Grassy Aisles (2020), just published by Kelsay Books. From wisdom and discovery to development, perceptions and change, celebration of life, love, and motherhood, Aruna writes on a variety of themes and empowers people from many walks of life. Aruna’s body of work also appears in the regional anthologies Heron Clan V (2018) & VI (2019) (Katherine James Books), What it is to Be A Woman, Fewer Than 500, Grand Little Things reflecting an insightful journey of struggles and jubilations on the path to peace. Aruna lives with her loving family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Aruna was a guest on my podcast recently. You can hear her at this site:

Listen to “Episode 3 – Poet Talk with Aruna Gurumurthy by Lisa Tomey of Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast” by Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast. ⚓

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