10 Things of Thankful – July 19

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What?!! Another Friday already!! This means it’s time for TTOT! Won’t you join us? Just list 10 things you are thankful for from this past week. Once you go with it, you will find so many thankfuls and it really helps keep the smiles going. Just go here TTOT

Ten Things of Thankful

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1. 2. Eyesight and Fast Doctors – As this past week I have found the need to attend to some visual issues I am extremely grateful for having two eyes to look out from. While my left eye is working harder to help my right eye, I am grateful that I have a spare. Not everybody is so fortunate. And thankful for eye doctors who see me quickly as when it’s your eyes, you kinda freak out… No worries, it is something I have to live with and it could be worse.

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3. Support Systems – When 1 – 2 happened I immediately called on my prayer and good thoughts warriors and they stepped up to the plate. And not the least of these, my love for taking me to the doctor and was there with me the whole time.

4. People who accommodate your needs – I had a nice surprise yesterday from someone who told me to take my time on something in consideration of 1 -2

5. Six Sentence Story – Here’s this week’s story: Escape Is In The Finding

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6. New Adventures – Someone I am close to is embarking on a new adventure and I am happy to be along for the ride.

7. Poetry Projects – I am trying to work on a couple of poetry projects and would like to focus, but sometimes I get distracted with LIFE, BUT I believe in what I am doing and it will come together. Grateful for the grace of time to devote to this.

8. Haiku – I love writing haiku and started – just today – in something I hope to may a weekly devotion to – here’s my contribution: Piano Memories

9. Beta Reading – I have a couple of books I am beta reading, well make that three… After these, I am taking a break, but it’s fun to be a part of the growth of writers. One of the books is from one of my fellow TTOT people.

10. Weight Loss – Still losing poundage 🙂

That’s it! Come and join in, wontcha??

16 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful – July 19”

  1. I’m glad you were able to get in quickly to the doctor, and that there were people around you to help you.
    Finding the balance of life and writing (or anything else, really) is tricky, because life isn’t static.
    Congratulations on your continued weight loss.

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  2. You have my sympathy. My Sweetie is blind in his right eye, and has had cataract, glaucoma and a near retinal detachment of the left eye. He can see, and even see to drive, but as he has always noted, it’s been something he could lose in an instant his whole life, so he appreciates every moment.

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  3. I like your attitude that “it could be worse,” because that is so good to remember anytime one faces a challenge or crisis. It really can be worse. Yes, support systems are a wonderful blessing.
    Going along for the ride on an adventure sounds exciting and fun.
    I enjoyed reading your acrostic.

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