Wondrous Works


Artwork by Kayla Doiron

This morning I received a LinkedIn invitation for a lunch and learn program. The subject was “Cyber Security Threats” and was very interesting. Some may not be aware that I am a rather shy person. The subject appealed to me and I gave it a go. I saw another lady sitting by herself and sat beside her and we introduced ourselves. It seemed our table became the one that other women gravitated toward until there was not enough space. What a nice mix of people from various areas of vocation. If we were all sitting in a business meeting, we might even blend well.

Two of the women shared that they worked with non-profits. That is one of my interests, since I have been a social worker, and that never leaves your blood. One woman is the founder of an outreach for at risk mothers and their children. Her non-profit group helps to meet the women where they are and help them improve their lives. Many of these families anywhere from homeless and progressing to housing. The lady next to her runs a non-profit thrift store and manages the affairs of her charitable association. The other woman at the table was studying her craft, and I appreciate her devotion.

And then there is my niece who did the art work that I commissioned for another project and I decided to use it here, as well. Thinking how with a house like that, many people would feel grateful.

I thought of the poem I composed a long time ago and I will leave with these words.

Beautiful Women
Homeless but not Soul-less

Beautiful Women
Not creatures of the dark
Not ruined from their struggle
Not less than anyone else

Beautiful Women
Loved by their own Spirits
Souls evermore respected
They know no sin

Beautiful Women
Lives touched by simplicity
Create dances of joy
For a simple expression of love

Beautiful Women
Know not the agony of defeat
Strengthened by the opposing sorrows
Aware more than one can ever know

Beautiful Women
Never hold their palms out for more
Always have a kind word to say
Have gratitude for that which we forget

Beautiful Women
Touch me in a way I cannot say
Create the wish in me to serve
For just one moment in knowing
Beautiful Women

(c) Lisa Joy Tomey March 4, 2003