Haiku Train – Weapons

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Photo by Jhonis Martins on Pexels.com

Haiku Train – Weapons

When did they begin
Will they fly away so far
Will we ever know

Stop and think about
Life is valuable, right
Put those weapons down

He pulled the trigger
Loudly it popped and birds flew
What human has fears

Cast away relics
Leave old thoughts behind, will you
Shadows need their men

The sun rises hot
The day offers vocation
Live life for that day

Heated dropped trod down
Smoking from the charge let loose
What purpose is there

Put that weapon down
Bluebirds don’t need fear to fly
Cardinals won’t rise

Place it on the ground
Walk away like you mean it
Hold your head up high

It all starts and ends
When hot metal drops the spin
Can we just begin

Go ahead you mean
Let that heat melt into tears
Watch the widows cry

Where’s your comfort then
Will you step up to the plate
Or another strike

Put those weapons down
Look them in the eye and know
You can make them cry


I am a little late focusing on the Wednesday prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides

“For today’s prompt, write a weapon poem. Write a poem with a sword, gun, or some other weapon. Or describe a weapon. Also, remember that all weapons aren’t obvious. Words can be weapons, ideas, thoughts, and more. Have fun weaponizing your poems today!”

This was a hard poem to wrote, but as I put it in Haiku form and made a Haiku train, it came to me as I went along the tracks. In light of this days and, unfortunately, so many days events, it seems just as timely as ever to put a poets voice to this.