Angel Card Project


Thinking about the meaning of the spirit of Christmas, to me, it is not about presents, but about presence. Looking at what it means to those who don’t have families or friends close by, it saddens me. For several years, we have supported the Angel Card Project. It is a wonderful way to reach out to people who otherwise might not have a cheerful holiday season. Reaching out with a simple Christmas card and nothing else, has been shown to make the days of the recipients.

As part of this project I learned that the person who started it, Mark, began this over 20 years ago and has kept it going as a way to reach out. He has done marvelous thing to help thousands of others through the project. As part of being on the team to help others, it is only asked that a card be sent, nothing else. However, there may be some special needs you learn about, mentioned on the list of people. An example might be that somebody has had a job loss, a fire, hurricane, etc. And if-and only if-a person wants to do more, it is up to them. Some people send gift cards or other gifts.

Our daughter likes to make cards and last year and this year has made cards for the Angel Card Project. It warms my heart that she is so involved. She asks about it every year. In fact, this year she made it a group project.

For our family, we buy a book of stamps and shoot for that many cards. Sometimes we hear of special needs after the list has been sent and we may send out a few more.

It’s very simple to sign up to participate in this project. Here is the link to sign up or learn more. It is our sincere hope that you might consider being a part of this project.

Have a very blessed and peaceful holiday season.