Ten Things of Thankful – December 25 2020

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Merry Christmas and Happy TTOT!

I have a confession to make…It is December 24, but I am going ahead and writing up my TTOT because on December 25 I am going to be eating pancakes and drinking coffee and participating in present giving time! So let’s get to this event!!

  1. Grateful to be able to give presents.
  2. Grateful to be able to receive presents and that we got our CHOCOLATE LETTERS!! Remember how last week I was feeling a little sad and maybe self-pitying about not having chocolate letter? Well, it turned out that they came in the mail as a lovely gift from sweetie’s mama!
  3. God Children gifts of goodies, jammies, warm clothes and loves.
  4. God Children were able to close on their house this week.
  5. Prayers.
  6. Safe travels as we had two business road trips and they were lovely weather days and uneventful. And we got to enjoy some sights without peoples
  7. Grocery specials so we can enjoy affordable goodies.
  8. Daughter has had steady work and her co-workers got over their being sick.
  9. Rain vs snow.
  10. YOU!! Always glad when you come to the door and let us in! What are your thankfuls? Drop in and share. And Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, And whatever you celebrate or not
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Photo by RODNAE Productions on
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16 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – December 25 2020”

  1. I can feel the gratitude oozing from your heart, which mirrors my overwhelming joy and thankfulness…it’s so incredible, totally a God-thing, in a year when many are hanging off a cliff in one way or another…I almost feel a bit guilty to be so darn Happy! Sending you blessings from the Seattle, WA area–2021 will be NEW and Improved πŸ™‚

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  2. Number Nine!! Number Nine! Top ‘o List
    Trust you and the family had a good Eve and Christmas.
    (Thanks for always being here at the beginning of each week’s ‘hop)


  3. Thank you for introducing me to Chocolate Letters! (I googled and learned that each letter has the same amount of chocolate, which of course is the only fair way to do that, right? Such an interesting tradition too.
    Lovely list.


  4. Great list! Uneventful business trips are probably the best kind, especially with no peoples! We took a trip to KC this week to deliver my brother’s family’s gifts because it was cheaper and faster than trying to send them. We drove up, dropped off the packages on the front porch, ate some fast food in our car, drove around the city just a bit, then headed home. 6 hours and no peoples! It was good for a chance to get out of town.
    Going to look up chocolate letters now….

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