Ten Things of Thankful – November 13 2020

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Can you even believe it is already November 13! Of course, being it is Friday the 13th is supposed to be scary, but I am not going to worry. Instead, I will be thankful. And with that, let’s have a bit of TTOT!

  1. Time – there is more time these days to reflect and renew.
  2. Peace – I live near a fire station, so that lends to more siren noises, day and night. Also close by is a hospital. I have noticed there are less sirens blaring. Is it because people are driving less and there are fewer accidents? I am not sure. But I notice it.
  3. Between times – this is the between time of year, and I know I mentioned it before, but it warrants another gratitude moment because there has been no turning on of heat, thus far.
  4. Reflection – with Thanksgiving plans changing this year and eating at home, this leaves us time to reflect and not rush about. We will miss spending this holiday with extended family, but it is just not to be.
  5. Health reports – We have a good report on our family member who is recovering from a broken hip and surgery.
  6. Fabric – this is a gratitude for daughter who worked on a downsizing project with her friend and earned a basketful of fabric.
  7. Crock Pot – is my best friend in the kitchen these days as we enter soup and stew season.
  8. Changes – as I went on my walk this morning, I noticed many changes with the leaves falling, being cleaned up and falling again, the aftermath of the rain, the beginning of a new season to come, and time to still enjoy this one.
  9. Coffee – because I can be thankful for this java delight and my family is grateful, I am sure, that I have said delight.
  10. YOU – what are your thankfuls? How about joining us or adding in the comments. Have a hot beverage and donut with me…
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16 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – November 13 2020”

  1. I love using my crockpot for soup! We eat it a lot, since it’s such a good way to get vegetables in us. We have had to turn the furnace on, but I also live in an old, drafty house. People with good insulation and windows in our area may not have had theirs on very often! I know when everything was closed down in the spring that there were much fewer traffic accidents, so maybe more people are staying home again, although around here I’m pretty sure that’s not the case! I hate, hate, HAAAATE coffee, but that doughnut sure looks delicious….


    1. We live in an apartment and I’ve recently discovered window leaks. It gets cool and I’m getting close to turning on heat. It’s an annual challenge for me. Same with air conditioning.


  2. I am with Dyanne about the doughnut and I would substitute a cup of hot chocolate or perhaps snappy ginger tea.
    It is interesting how one can get used to the loud noises. When we rented a home years ago, we learned the first night that there were some railroad tracks in the area and were trains that went by every night. We were concerned our baby would awaken in the middle of the night from the train’s whistle, but she slept right through it.
    Glad to hear about the good health report.

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