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Poet Talk with Annette Tarpley

Poet Talk with Nicole Bethune Prolific Pulse Press Podcast

Poet, Ceramic Artist & Yoga Teacher nicolebethunewinters.com omshakahandmade.com omshaka.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lisa-tomey/message
  1. Poet Talk with Nicole Bethune
  2. Poet Talk with Laura Wize
  3. Poet Talk with Steve Anc
  4. Poet Talk with Kathrine Yets
  5. Poet Talk with Ambika Devi

1 thought on “Poet Talk with Annette Tarpley”

  1. I enjoyed the podcast interview with Annette, It’s so interesting to here in detail the thoughts of other poets and how they became poets, and the different subjects they write about, and I listened to the show because of the title of her book, ‘Poetry Potpourri’, because recently I had written a poem called ‘Potpourri’ …. I hope you don’t mind, here’s a link to my poem..

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