Ten Things of Thankful – September 27

Where has the month gone? It’s already the edge of October! Well, let’s get this party started. Noisemakers are optional, but I hope you find some things to WOOHOO about.

concrete road between trees
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1. Witnessing an Act of Kindness. I was grocery shopping and a lady could not pay for her groceries and the person in front of me offered to pay. She sweetly declined, but it was so nice to witness such kindness.

2. Painting again – I was able to attend the weekly watercolor group, something I have not been able to do. It was fun to get together with this nice group of people and to learn I still have skills.

3. 19 days left of tax season.

4. Daughter is coming for the weekend.

5. A health concern turned into nothing. After more thorough testing, I am AOK. Grateful for a doctor who takes me seriously.

6. Encouragement about a project. While I was feeling sad about a rejection, I turned it into a new submission to another publisher and it’s being reviewed. Well, the original rejecting group rep assured me to keep trying to submit. So, I feel better.

7. My story which asked to be told in a poem has gotten attention. Since it is about SAD it made me happy because it may reach people in need.

8. Seasons moving to my favorite. Fall is my favorite season as it’s so much nicer outside. In Raleigh, you can see some changes with the colors of the leaves. I missed that when I moved from the Midwest to the coast and now I have it here.

9. Two Invitations to write to platforms.

10. And this last spot is for YOU! Come join in the TTOT. It’s slowed down lately and it would sure be nice to have you back, if you’ve been here, and to welcome newbies. You just gotta click on that link to add your story. If you get stuck adding, I can do it for you. Just ask.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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16 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – September 27”

  1. Health scares are, well, scary. Glad yours turned out ok. Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, love the leaves changing colors. If only Mother Nature would give in and let us have our fall! Heat index in the 90s this week still. Hard to get excited about pumpkins when it’s that hot!

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  2. That is great you are back to painting again. I hope to get back to that again too, but I’m guessing that will be off in the future a bit for me.

    From what I’ve heard, often getting something published is just a matter of finding the right publisher. A rejection doesn’t necessarily mean the writing isn’t good.

    Witnessing acts of kindness make my day too.

    I am glad that you are AOK!

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